Fixing Bath/Shower Screen Leaks

What You'll Need
Anti-mold silicone
Caulking gun
Working gloves

Proper maintenance of showers prevents bath shower screen leaks from deteriorating into serious problems. If left unattended, simple repair jobs can develop into major faults and escalate costs. Learn to attend to faults or repairs in the bathroom area as soon as they occur. They can easily cause accidents and bodily harm as well.

Step 1 - Secure Screen Frame

Inspect the screen frame to make sure that it is in good condition. Depending on the material used to construct it, reinforce the frame in case it is weak and carry out repairs if necessary. Take care of corrosion or rust in case of metal frame structures.

Step 2 - Fix Screen Leaks

Screen leaks commonly occur at tile intersections and areas close to the wall of the bathroom. Obtain flexible anti-mold silicone from hardware or household store and a caulking gun. This is used to apply anti-mold silicone in the required areas.

Step 3 - Seal the Leaks

Make sure the surface is dry before applying anti-mold silicone. It is advisable to avoid using the shower on the particular day of repair. It makes it possible to thoroughly inspect leaks in the bathroom. Load caulking gun with anti-mold silicone and carefully apply the material where there are leaks or gaps.

Leave the surface to dry. Do not use the shower for at least two days. It allows the caulk to settle in and seal the leaks effectively.


  • Keep surfaces and joints in the shower spotless by applying laundry bleach. Leave it overnight and wipe using water and a cloth.