Fixing Drywall Anchors Fixing Drywall Anchors

What You'll Need
Joint compound
Power drill
Putty knife

Hanging heavy items on a wall can put it under strain, which can lead to the process of fixing drywall anchors becoming necessary. This will help to ensure that the wall suffers no damage as a result of your use of it. Being aware of the process for fixing the anchors will help you to keep the wall stable.

Step 1 – Examination

Gain full access when fixing drywall to examine the full extent of the repair required. Use a screwdriver to withdraw any necessary drywall screws before prodding the area around the anchors to determine the extent of movement.

Step 2 – Support

Apply joint compound with a putty knife around the anchor, when fixing drywall anchors that are not significantly damaged. Allow it to dry in accordance with the instructions before applying a second coat.

Step 3 – Replace

Fixing drywall anchors that have suffered damage may involve replacing them, which will require you to drill a new hole close to the existing anchor. Insert and secure the replacement anchor before removing the existing damaged one. The hole that remains can be rectified by covering it with joint compound.

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