Fixing Flickery Bulbs in a Ceiling Fan Light

If the light on your ceiling fan light is flickering it's a good idea to check it out sooner rather than later because it may be an electrical problem. Here are a few suggestions for what you can do to fix the problem.

Step 1: Check Electrical System

Flickering lights can be annoying, especially if you don't know the cause. If you notice a large or unusual amount of flickering, something could be wrong with your electrical system. There are many possible causes of flickering lights.

One cause is waste heat generated by the electrical current. This can cause the wiring in your home's walls to expand and contract. This eventually loosens the wires and once they have become loose, the electricity can arc. Unfortunately, if this is the cause of your flickering lights, a socket may eventually burn out, which could cause a fire.  

Step 2: Check Appliances

Another reason for flickering lights is an appliance with a bearing failure. Appliances with this problem have motors that work harder when starting up. This draws more current away from other fixtures, such as lights.
Sometimes a large load that is not out of the normal range can cause the sudden flickering of lights as well. What happens is other appliances connected to the electrical system draw more current, causing your lights to flicker on and off when they turn on because of significant voltage in the supply.

Other Causes

Most people don't realize that the electricity their neighbors use has an effect on their own supply of electricity. However, if you notice a significant amount of flickering, or something unusual, you do need to find out what the problem is.  

Look for an appliance that may be causing the flickering if you want to get started investigating on your own. However, it's probably best to call an electrician if the problem seems serious. An electrician has the experience needed to measure the voltage drop in your home.  

With problems related to electricity it's often best to ask for professional help. Electrical problems in a home can be rather complicated, and even dangerous if not tended to properly. Sometimes flickering lights on a ceiling fan fixture are simply a sign of problems with your electrical system.

The safest route is to have someone with experience examine your home and the fixture to ensure everything is in proper working order.