Fixing Running Spa Pumps without Nozzle Water Flow

What You'll Need

You need to maintain the spa pumps regularly in order to ensure that they work properly. Poor maintenance, or simply being unlucky, can result in the nozzles on your spa becoming thin or dry, or even not working at all. If you find that your spa nozzles do not have a proper water flow, but the spa pumps are working correctly, you will need to perform some troubleshooting repairs in order to get the device working again. Look at the rest of the device to make sure that it is functioning as it should, and then begin by opening up the nozzles and examining them.

Step 1 - Checking the Nozzles

It is always a good idea to start here when your nozzles are not producing good water flow. Water passing through the system often contains additional minerals or debris, which can get caught in the parts of the nozzle. Over time, this debris and mineral deposit will block the nozzle completely, preventing water from passing through the shower head. In order to correct this problem, open up the shower head and look at the nozzles. Using a rag, clean as much of the surface of the nozzles as you can. You could also use a piece of wire between the nozzles to remove long-standing problems. Screw the shower head back on and examine the nozzles again.

Step 2 - Checking the Spa Pumps

If you still don't have adequate water flow, you will need to examine the spa pumps themselves. If the pump is running, this is usually a good sign that it is not badly damaged. Open the pump from the side which takes in the water and look at the connections. You may be able to see signs that minerals in the water have formed a blockage. Wipe around these areas with your rag and clean off any ingrained corrosion.

Step 3 - Look at the Impeller

If cleaning the spa pumps has not solved the problem, you should examine the pump itself. The impeller, which is the device that pushes water through the tubes, may be broken. If you are at all unsure whether the impeller is in good condition or not, remove it and replace it with a new version.

Step 4 - Check the Voltage

Even if you think your spa pumps are working correctly, you should still check the voltage on your pumps. Sometimes, when the problem is caused by a faulty pump, it can still create a lot of noise and look and sound as though it were working properly. Check that the pumps are turning correctly, and if you have any doubts, check the pump voltage. The correct voltage will suggest that the pump itself is faulty and needs replacing, while a lack of voltage indicates a problem with your electrical circuits.