Fixing the Cord Reel on a Canister Vacuum Fixing the Cord Reel on a Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuum cleaners have a neat and tidy method of storing their power cords. The cords retract and wrap around an internal storage drum. The storage is effected by a spring loaded drum that rotates against the spring as the cord is withdrawn. There is enough tension in the spring to recover the cord when it is no longer required.

Step 1 – Switch off

Switch off and un-plug the machine. This avoids avoid the danger of getting an electric shock.

Step 2 – Check the Hand Book

Check the owner’s hand book to see if there are instructions for removing the cover of the canister cleaner. There should also be instructions on how the reel can be adjusted.

Step 3 – Expose the Reel

The cord reel will probably be protected by another cover. Remove this and check the position of the reel. Usually the reel will only fit in one position and the shape of it shows what that position is.

Step 4 – Un-fasten the Cord Reel

The cord reel will probably be held in place by spring clips or clamps held in place by screws. Whichever it is, remove them and the cord reel. Sometimes the plug will not come into the cord reel void, so you will have to let a bit of cord extend to give yourself room to work. When you lift the cord reel free, you will expose the fixed contact blocks that provide the power to the cord. Make sure that you do not damage these blocks or the contacts that are on the commutator in the middle of the cord reel.

Step 5 – Clean the Reel

The cord reel will be very dusty and should be brushed gently to remove the dust.

Step 6 – Adjust the Reel

Reel adjustments are usually made because the reel does not fully retract the cable. The spring on the reel can be adjusted for tension but they don’t all work the same way. Often the spring can be wound a little tighter by turning it with a spanner that will fit onto a central bolt head. A ratchet will hold the tension.

Step 7 – Clean the Commutator

While you have the reel removed, it is an ideal opportunity to give a little attention to the commutator. The commutator is a set of connections in the middle of the reel that maintains contact with the cable. As the reel retracts and extends, the cable the commutator ensures that the machine continues to run properly by maintaining contact with the fixed contact blocks. Clean the commutator and also the fixed blocks around which it rotates.

Step 8 – Replace the Reel

The reel will fit back in the same position it came from. You will have to ease the commutator over the fixed blocks and ensure that the two do not jam together.

Step 9 – Replace the Clamps

Replace the spring clips or clamps that hold the reel into place. Replace the reel cover and the top cover of the cleaner.

Test the reel to ensure it is working correctly.

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