Fixing Up a Used Motorcycle: Removing Rust

What You'll Need
30, 1/4 -inch steel balls
Dish detergent and water
Tank liner kit
0000 steel wool
Motor oil
Chemical rust remover
Chrome polish

So you found a used motorcycle cheap with only one problem, it has rust. Follow these simple steps to restore your two-wheeled find.

Step 1 - Remove the Gas Tank

Remove the gas tank and empty loose rust scale. Fill the tank 1/4 full with a dish detergent and water solution. Add 30 1/4-inch diameter steel balls then replace the gas tank cap and gently shake. The steel balls will bump and bounce within the tank helping to further clean the existing scale but use care, shake too vigorously and you may dent the tank. Repeat this shaking process several times then empty the tank and allow to air dry.

Step 2 - Use Acetone 

Use acetone to evacuate any remaining water. Empty, then allow to air dry.

Step 3 - Utilize a Tank Lining Kit

Follow the directions on the gas tank lining kit to etch and then coat the gas tank's interior.

Step 4 - Remove Rusty Chrome

For large areas of rust remove the chrome for ease of work.  

Step 5 - Apply Oil and Elbow Grease

Sop motor oil into 0000 steel wool then gently rub the rust-affected area until the chrome is shiny bright. 

Step 6 - Clean and Polish

Thoroughly clean the parts with a mild detergent and water then dry. Apply a coat of chrome polish to protect all the chrome areas. Reapply as necessary to maintain the rust-free and shiny appearance.