Flagstone Landscaping Ideas Flagstone Landscaping Ideas

Flagstone landscaping is versatile and lends beauty to many different styles. With it, you could construct an elegant modern touch or an old country feel, depending upon the shape, size, and position of the stones.

Flat Surfaces

You can construct sidewalks and patios with flagstone. Setting the stones in crushed rock, pebbles, or sand create various informal textures. If you use concrete or mortar, you can make a more permanent design. Scattered stones form a rustic footpath with grass growing between them. If set in mortar, flagstone can create a luxurious surrounding for in-ground pools and hot tubs.


For a retaining wall, you can stack the stones loosely for a natural look, or tightly with mortar. You can make column pedestals for planters or statues. Flagstones give an earthy touch to an outdoor fireplace, barbecue, or fire pit. You can make steps in various styles, such as rough steps set into a hill, or cleanly cut rounded steps to frame a formal entrance. You can make a garden sanctuary complete with a stone bench and cushions.

Decorative Accents

You can use flagstones as an accent around water features, such as in a back splash for a fountain. You can also use them as edging around mulched shrubs, flower beds, or even a driveway.

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