Flagstone Path Design Ideas

Installing a flagstone path is a doable project for any do-it-yourselfer. Flagstone is a flat sedimentary stone used for landscaping and building. Flagstone comes in pink red, green, chocolate, blue, gold and white. You can design your home patio, walkway, flooring etc. with flagstone designs. Here are few design ideas to get you started.

Design your patios with flagstone

Flagstone patios are very sturdy, even under extreme temperatures. Flagstone is a tough stone that does not crack and is resistant to termites and other insects. You can have a formal or informal design. Moss, sand and bark materials will make the flagstone patio look unique.

Flagstone walkways

Flagstone walkways make great complements to flagstone patios. The rustic, yet natural appearance of flagstone walkways can attract you to follow the path till the end. An irregular flagstone walkway gives an appealing experience.

Flooring in your homes

Flagstone can be used for designing flooring too. Flagstone flooring is pretty and easy to maintain. Proper installation and sealing can increase its resale value.

You can also use flagstone pavers to design your floors, walkways, patios and decks.