Flagstone Patio Installation Mistakes to Avoid Flagstone Patio Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A flagstone patio can add a unique appeal factor to the design of any patio area. Flagstone is a type of stone that is commonly used for paving, roofing or even headstones. Because no two flagstone patios are ever the same, many people are choosing this type of material to create beautiful patios that are unique to their homes. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you attempt a flagstone patio installation.

Inadequate Preparation

One of the most common errors made when attempting to install a flagstone patio is a simple lack of preparation. Many times, people will not accurately measure the distance of their patio area and will wind up with too much or too little flagstone material. Also, many people do not try to accurately visualize the way the stone should be placed before actually setting them.

Poorly Prepared Patio Base

Another very common mistake made when installing a flagstone patio is a poorly prepared dirt or sand base. A flagstone patio needs a very solid and well compacted base material to adequately support weight and constant traffic. If the base is not properly prepared, the flagstone will probably start sinking and slowly spread out in different directions, thus quickly diminishing the appearance of the flagstone patio.

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