Flagstone Patio Installation: Mortared vs. Sandset Flagstone Patio Installation: Mortared vs. Sandset

What You'll Need

Flagstones are an eye-catching option to bricks and pavers, and the flagstone patio installation is a simple task. Moreover, flagstone patios can be prepared of many unusual colors, so you will have a fascinating aspect that will be a discussion point for years. Flagstones can be a bit easier said than done to fit, conversely, as they required to be flawlessly laid to evade trembling, crookedness or other problems.

In Sand

The look is not as official as a brick or paver terrace, however more normal then flagstones set in soil. The thickness of the flagstones will help to find out how deep the sand desires to be. Then one can start setting the flagstones into the sand, starting in the center of the patio and working way out to the edges. Formerly all the stones are in place, fulfill fine sand over the intact patio, flounce it into the joints and then either stuff the patio with a vibrating plate compactor or fog it with garden hose.

With Mortar

Once the mortar is dried, one can fill in the joints with more soil. This form of patio will be more firm and less probable to shift than one place only in sand or soil. The united in such patio are generally quite large and thus can contain fissure plantings.

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