Flagstone Paver Installation Tips Flagstone Paver Installation Tips

Installing a flagstone paver patio takes some practice to do correctly but the job itself is not all that difficult. You can make installing a flagstone paver patio easier by following a few simple tips which you will find below.

Measure, Stake and Excavate

The easiest way to create a flagstone paver patio is to make sure the area is properly laid out. Measure the size of the area and then stake it out at each corner. After the area is marked you can begin shoveling away the dirt. You want it to be at least 3-inches deep. Remove any debris you come across.

Flat Surface

In order to have an even flagstone paver patio you will want the excavated area to be flat and level. Use a tamper to flatten out the ground. Use a level to periodically check to make sure it is flat and a ruler to determine depth.

Seal the Pavers

Flagstone paver patios absorb liquids like water which can discolor the pavers. Always seal the flagstone pavers after installation and then reseal them every 6 months.

Set in Sand

Sand is used to keep the pavers in place as well as cushion them. Always use about 2 inches of sand to set the pavers in.

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