Flex Fuel Engine: Maintenance Basics

If you have a flex fuel engine, then there are some basic maintenance steps that you need to take in order to prevent your engine from being affected by the fuel that they are using. This is because the flex fuel engine runs on a fuel E85, which has a high alcohol content. This means that the engines are at particular risk of damage.

Regular Checks

You need to make regular checks to the engine in order to make sure that it is not being damaged by the alcohol. The system can easily be gummed up and then corroded by the ethanol in the E85, and this means that you have to pay regular attention to the build up in the engine. Regular cleaning with specialist cleaning liquids will ensure that your car functions accurately. You should also perform regular oil changes, as this can also become gummed up with ethanol by-products.

Changing the Filter

The filter is particularly vulnerable to the build-up of sediment. You may find that this means that you have to replace your filter every 1,000 miles as it can become clogged with particles. After this, you should regularly check the filter to maintain the vehicle.