Flex PVC Pipe vs PVC Pipe

Flex PVC pipe is a product that is liked by many in the plumbing field as well as other job markets. Flex PVC pipe is an important material but is it better than normal PVC pipe? The article will shed light on the differences between flex PVC pipe and regular PVC pipe.


Regular PVC pipe is very rigid and will not just break or crack. It takes a lot of effort to destroy PVC pipe. Flex PVC pipe is very durable as well, but it does have its own structural limitations. Frigid temperatures, for instance, will impact it more than rigid PVC pipe.

Can Go Anywhere

The biggest benefit to flex PVC pipe is that it is flexible and can be used in plumbing to go around corners or for water treatments. Rigid PVC pipe has no bend or give to it so to use it in this manner would require corner pieces of PVC pipe.


Rigid PVC pipe has to be stored in lengths while flex PVC pipe can be coiled and stored.


Flex PVC pipe does cost more than rigid PVC pipe. The difference is a matter of a few pennies.