Floating Chlorinator Pros and Cons

A simple floating chlorinator is nothing more than a cup which contains chlorine tablets. As it floats around in the pool, it adjusts the pH level, keeping your pools water safe. The function is simple, water flowing through the chlorinator dissolves a tiny amount of the tablet, treating the pool water.

Floating Chlorinator Pros

Chlorinators are safe. The tablets dissolve very slowly, and will not cause any problem is left in the pool. Additionally, you can load small or large tablets, and as many as 3 at a time in some floating chlorinators, so that you won't have to be as diligent about checking the chlorinator.

Floating Chlorinator Cons

Almost all floating chlorinators are made from plastic. With constant exposure to sunlight, even UV resistant plastic may fade or weather. Thin plastic will begin to crack or chip after only a few months to a year. If the chlorinator is painted, chipping paint may become a problem.

Floating Chlorinator Prices

Floating chlorinator retail for $10 to $20, and are available in many different styles and colors. Some people even make their own chlorinators using a plastic jar which is just as effective, and can be hand-decortated to resemble anything you choose.