Floating Mantel Shelf Pros and Cons

A floating mantel shelf can be a simple, easy to install, attractive addition to any room. Floating mantel shelves have been steadily gaining popularity due to their easy installation and versatility. However, they are not ideal for all situations.


Floating mantel shelves are easy to install. If you can operate a power drill or screwdriver, you can install a floating mantel shelf. It's difficult to beat the ease of installing floating mantel shelves. In addition, they are easily customizable to fit any room theme. A floating mantel shelf can be simple and clean, or it can be dressed up significantly to fit a room with a more elaborate theme. In addition, they are usually cheap in comparison to many of the other decorative and storage options available.


Although their versatility seems to make them an ideal solution for stylish rooms with little storage, floating mantel shelves are not capable of supporting too much weight. Although you can take strides during installation to make your floating mantel shelf support more weight than a traditionally installed mantel shelf, the fact remains that in comparison to many other kinds of shelves, they are rather flimsy.

Is It for Me?

Whether or not a floating mantel shelf is for you depends on your own unique needs. What do you need the shelf for? If you'll simply be using it to display small trinkets or photographs, a floating mantel shelf is a good choice for you. If you want to display heavy objects or books, a floating mantel shelf may not be the correct choice for you.