Flood Zone Ratings Explained

A flood zone is an area affected by a natural disaster like flood. Faulty city planning projects pertaining to the drainage system often contribute to the susceptibility of these zones.

Flood zone ratings are the grades allocated to various areas of the city.

Check the flood rating of your locality before purchasing a house. An ‘A Zone’ is an area which is more prone to floods. You will have to spend a little extra for the flood insurance, if you buy an apartment in the A Zone.  

A ‘Zone C’ denotes an area that will not be affected by any sort of over-flooding or heavy rainfall. Areas that are classified as ‘Zone B’ do not require a flood insurance policy.

The National Flood Insurance program is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA provides all the flood insurance policies to the residents. Seek the advice of FEMA before selecting an apartment. They also issue the flood insurance rate maps, which verify the location of the residence.  

Flood insurance is required if your apartment falls in Zone A, according to the disaster report or the disaster protection Act of 1973.