Floor Sander: Buy or Rent?

Unless you are engaged in commercial floor sanding, buying your own floor sander can be an expensive proposition. A good drum sander for casual work can cost as much as $500 dollars. A heavy-duty professional or commercial grade machine will cost in the thousands.

Necessary Equipment

Buying a floor sander may be your choice if you intend to put the machine to much use. Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts prefer the advantage of working with their own machine because they will know if the machine has been maintained and can be assured the machine is in proper working condition, if it has.

Cost Consideration

For the once-a-year casual use, cost considerations may come into play. A good, dependable floor sander can be rented for somewhere under $100. Cost is a factor when deciding whether to buy a piece of equipment for a project. Consider how often will you use the sander, other applications for which you can use the sander, whether friends and family might rent the sander from you and whether you need it long term? If you have multiple projects that will take several weeks of rental use it might be worth the cost to purchase a floor sander.

Whether you rent or buy really comes down to how much use the sander will get. The answer to this question will help you decide whether you should rent or purchase a floor sander.