Floor Tiles: Pros and Cons

Floor tile is a popular material used for many different rooms in a home. A wide variety of floor tiles exist today on the market ranging in size, shape, and material. Most frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms, floor tile is also commonly used in entryways, sunrooms, or even as the threshold to a fireplace. Here are some pros and cons regarding the use of floor tiles

Pros of Floor Tiles

There are so many advantages to floor tiles. We have chosen our top five things we love about floor tiles. They are as follows:

1. Tile Floors are Beautiful

Floor tiles add an element of beauty to the floor. Coming in so many unique styles, shapes, colors, and designs, floor tiles accent a room’s design and ambiance. They quickly become an integral part of the room’s look and feel.

2. Tile Floors are Durable

Most floor tiles are hard to crack, break and destroy. Drop a pot, a dish, or any other piece of glassware and you'll find that the tile isn't cracked, shattered, or broken. They will last for years to come.

3. Tile Floors are Easy to Clean

The easiest way to clean floor tile is with a mild vinegar and warm water solution. Mop up the tile and you'll have a shiny, clean surface.

4. Tile Doesn't Absorb Odors

If you like to cook, and if you cook food using oils or strong smells, you know how the odor can penetrate almost anything. Tile floors are generally not porous materials and they resist absorbing any of the smells or scents that are developed inside your home because of your hobbies or your cooking desires.

5. Tile Floors are Easy to Install

With a little instruction and the right materials, floor tiles are very easy for the average person to install. Installation of floor tiles becomes a great weekend do-it-yourself project.

Now to the Cons of Floor Tile

Yes, there are some negative aspects to your lovely floor tile. Here they are!

1. Cold To The Touch

If you have sensitive feet or if you get cold easily, going barefoot is not an option on tile floors, especially in the colder months. Tile flooring tends to retain cold.

2. Slick when Wet

After a good wash and a rinse, floor tiles may have you flying across the room if you don't have a matt or rug. Because most floor tiles do not have texture, they are slippery when squeaky clean!

3. Noisy!

If you wear click-and-clack shoes or high heels, the floor tile will do nothing to muffle the sound. Be ready for every step in your household and a great deal of echoing as tile tends to carry sound across rooms and down hallways.