Floor Tiling Patterns Floor Tiling Patterns

When it comes time to redo your floor tiling, or if you are adding new floor tiling for the first time, coming up with a design might seem a little daunting. It doesn’t have to be intimidating or a chore though. In fact, it can be fun to come up with a design style that is unique to your home. There are a few things to think about before you begin.

First Things First

Before you start to get creative you need to be practical. You will need to figure out the amount of tile you will be working with and this comes down to the amount of space. If you are tiling a large kitchen area the design should be different than if you are tiling a small bathroom area.

You must measure your area and choose the size and style of the tile first.

Checkerboard Design

The most common design for floor tiling is the simple checkerboard style. You can choose two colors that complement each other and then place the tiles in the alternating pattern. This design is simple to plan for as it requires an even amount of just two types or colors of tile.

Basket Weave Design

Another popular design to think about is the basket weave pattern. With the basket weave floor tiling pattern you can use different sized and colored tiles to create a lovely pattern across your floor. The basket weave pattern uses long and short tiles to create the look of interwoven tiles. This pattern takes a little more planning and you will need to draw out the plan to scale before actually installing.

Pinwheel or Squared Pattern

A more complex design for your tiled flooring is the pinwheel or squared pattern. Both of these patterns involve a larger tile surrounded by smaller tiles. These patterns will require a design plan blueprint and calculated amounts of each type of tile. You can be creative with the color, design and size of the tiling so the floor is unique to your home. It’s important to remember that too much color or too busy of a design will create the wrong effect and won’t look attractive.

Creating a Bordered Pattern

A great pattern idea for kitchens is the bordered design. This is a pattern that is quite simple yet can have a unique look and style to it. The base of the floor tile can be all the same tiling or can alternate, as with the checker board pattern. The border of the tiling can be as simple as a different size tiling or a different color. Or, the border can be a complex design and the real focus of the floor. You can make the border anywhere from one to three tiles thick, depending on the size of the tiling. Too much of a design or too thick of a border and the effect can be overwhelming instead of beautiful.

The point is to consider your tastes, the expense, the effort and the effect the design will have on the room. Go to show rooms to see designs or check out home remodeling books for ideas before you do the actual installation.

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