Quick Information on Flooring Basements Quick Information on Flooring Basements

Flooring basements is a little different than trying to finish just about any other area in a home. There are a number of challenges that can arise when selecting materials for basements floors. Some materials for finishing a basement are simply unsuitable.

The general design of basements makes them a difficult area in which to apply flooring. The obstacles that stand in the way of having free choice for flooring basements are moisture and design impediments. Moisture can ruin basements floors if the wrong materials are selected. Design impediments include posts, water tanks, and other items that are commonly built into basements.

Before selecting materials for flooring basements, it is a good idea to determine if moisture is a big problem in the space. Do not be surprised if it is. To test for moisture affix a sheet of plastic to a few areas of the basement floor. Tightly tape the entire sheet into place. Let it sit for at least a day before pulling it up. If moisture has accumulated under the plastic upon removal, attend to it before finishing basement floor area

Since moisture can be in an issue in most basements, it can be smart to play it safe. Some materials commonly suggested for flooring basements include engineered wood, laminates, and paint. Carpets would not be a good idea.

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