Flower Girl Dress Flower Girl Dress

Choosing a flower girl dress is fun and can be exciting. You loved searching for your perfect dress, now the flower girl dress can be a replica of yours or match the wedding party.

There are so many choices when it comes to picking out a flower girl dress, you could literally spend hours browsing through the stores and their catalogs. Depending on how old your flower girl is, the flower girl dress should match accordingly.

Age Appropriate Flower Girl Dress

If you are planning on having a smaller child stand in as the flower girl in your wedding, a replica of your wedding dress or any white frilly and lacey flower girl dress will be a hit.

For older girls who are standing in as your flower girl, you may want to consider a flower girl dress that is similar to the bridesmaids. You can still keep the flower girl dress white to match yours, but color is always an option as well.

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