Flowering Plants that Will Survive the Winter Flowering Plants that Will Survive the Winter

Winter may seem bleak at times but, fortunately, there are wintering flowering plants that give you a whole new perspective. How nice to view a blossoming piece of greenery on a cold, gray day. Following are some of the plants that make the days of winter a little bit cheerier.

Camellia - The camellia shrub displays flowers in zones seven through nine from around October to February. The plant can grow quite tall--around six feet--as well as rather wide (about four feet). This plant, with its striking flowers that range in colors such as white, light purple and deepest red, likes a northern exposure or shady spots. Make sure that you plant the bush in soil that has good drainage.

Flowering Quince - You need not despair over the cold metal sky on a January day when you see the flowering quince in bloom. Shrubs display their floral finery, if the weather is not too severe, as early as January. However, you must make the most of each moment that you see this lovely plant in bloom as it only makes an appearance for a couple weeks. The shrub does well in zones four through eight in the U.S. and will flourish if you find it a home in a shady area of the yard.

Winter Jasmine - Who could not like the happy, yellow flowers of the jasmine plant? This shrub is a climber that enjoys sunny areas with a bit of shade. The plant thrives in soil with good drainage and makes a winter home in zones 6 through 9 in the U.S. You can enjoy the blooms of this massive, trailing plant throughout the the seemingly long months of winter. It can grow eight feet or higher and just as wide.

Cyclamen - The lovely, perennial blooms of this evergreen plant make their presence known throughout the days of winter well into the first part of spring. Flowers come in shades such as rose, pink and white, and appear on stems about four inches in height. The plant, which can grow as much as a foot wide, does well in settings with a fair amount of shade. You can behold the beauty of this popular winter plant in zones five through nine in the United States.

Aconite - The dainty flowers of the aconite like to grow and congregate under trees in growing zones four through nine in the U.S. This winter bloomer can grow as tall and wide as five inches. It favors areas of the yard that receive more sun, and can also thrive in spots with a bit of shade. Aconite will do well in fertile soil that is watered regularly. Yellow flowers in the form of goblets will typically greet you in late January or early February.

Make a place in your yard or garden for the above shrubs and plants. They will brighten up any winter landscape.

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