Flowering Shrubs: A Rainbow of Options Flowering Shrubs: A Rainbow of Options

When working on the landscaping, consider purchasing flowering shrubs for an added boost of color and beauty. These shrubs come in a variety of color options. Mix and match how you choose. They tend to bloom in the spring or the fall, so buy accordingly and watch the beauty blossom before your eyes. Many shrubs also have a beautiful color even without the bloom, leaving you with a gorgeous garden year-round.

Yellow Knockout Rose

The Yellow Knockout Rose brings a wonderful fragrance and vision to the garden. This shrub grows from three to four feet high and wide. Its drought resistant nature makes it perfect for the summer months. The bloom on the Yellow Knockout Rose lasts approximately nine months, so you can enjoy this rose most of the year. It is highly adaptable to various soils, and contains a high resistance to pests and diseases. This low maintenance flower will be a gem among your array of shrubbery.

Encore Azalea

Plant an Encore Azalea in your garden this spring and see the blossoms radiate. The Encore Azalea prefers partial sunlight and can grow approximately four feet high and spreads three to four feet. This Azalea blooms during three seasons of the year, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy its thick blooms nearly year around. Displaying a wonderful red, this Azalea is bound to spruce up your garden with color and beauty.

Dwarf Radicans Gardenia

While the Dwarf Radicans Gardenia may not grow incredibly high, it will still make a grand impact on your garden. This plant only grows a maximum of two-feet high, however it makes a wonderful border for other shrubbery. It is white in color and emits a sweet smelling Gardenia fragrance throughout the garden. The Dwarf Gardenia thrives best in full sun to partial shade. It will sustain through a season of drought, and has the ability to adapt to a variety of soil types. Once grown, this shrub is very easy to maintain.

Kramers Supreme Camellia

The Camellia blooms for only three months, but will get your spring off to a great start. As it begins its bloom in January, while most shrubs cannot bloom, you garden will have life and color throughout more months of the year. The blooms on a Camellia are lipstick red and the shrub will grow an impressive six to eight feet high. Blooming during the Valentine's period, this red shrub will add life and happiness throughout your garden. It prefers partial shade, giving it the ability to light up those darker areas of the garden.

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

In the midst of the scourching summer months, add a butterfly bush to enhance the surroundings. This bush grows approximately six feet tall and enjoys placement in a full sun area of the garden. It blooms in the summer months, its color is a deep purple and its sweet, honey scented blooms attracts butterflies. Enjoy this beautiful bush with the added beauty of butterflies for the enhancement of your summer months.

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