Flowering Shrubs: What's Your Ideal Height? Flowering Shrubs: What's Your Ideal Height?

What You'll Need
Lilac Shrub
Limelight hydrangea
Physocarpus Ninebark
Water Hose

Flowering shrubs not only beautify your garden but can also be used as hedges to fence in your gardens, backyard or courtyard. Many flowering shrubs of different species as available and come in many beautiful colors such as white, pink, lilac and yellow. They require minimal care and are easily available. The ideal heights for flowering shrubs vary from one type to another. Below are three popular flowering shrubs with their ideal heights.

Plant the Hydrangea Paniculata

The ideal height for the Hydrangea Paniculata is 8 feet, which is also the maximum height it can attain. It needs to be planted in well-drained, yet moist soil. The Hydrangea Paniculata blooms into lime-colored flowering shrubs which is why the shrub is also referred to as Limelight. These shrubs usually have foliage which is light green. Depending on the species of the flowering shrub, the Limelight may produce white colored flowers which take the pink color in winters. Like any other flowering shrub the Hydrangea Paniculata requires minimal care. Avoid planting the Limelight where it could be subject to direct sunlight. This type of shrub depends on partial shade and sun throughout the day. Use a water hose or sprinkler to water your shrubs several times a day.  

Beautify your Garden with Lilac Shrubs

Lilac Shrubs will instantly beautify your garden, backyard or courtyard. They can be easily found at any plant nursery. These kinds of shrubs are not only beautiful but also have a strong pleasant fragrance. The foliage of lilac shrubs is dark green and slender. You will need to drain the soil properly before planting the Lilac Shrubs. It requires watering several times a day to keep the ground moist. The ideal height that lilac shrubs can grow up to is 10 feet. George Eastman and Kim Lilac are two types of flowering shrubs that can grow exactly 10 feet tall. Lilac Shrubs should not be placed under any shade as they require direct sunlight to blossom. You can shape the lilac shrubs by trimming them in any way you like. The foliage of lilac shrubs is dark green and slender. Lilac shrubs tend to blossom in a light purple color during the spring and summer season.

Get Rough With Physocarpus Ninebark

If you won’t have enough time to take care of the plant once it is in the ground, Physocarpus is the best choice for you as it requires very little care. You can find the plant at any plant nursery. The ideal conditions for Physocarpus to grow are partial shade and sunlight all around the day. Like all other flowering shrubs Physocarpus also requires a well-drained soil. Physocarpus is also referred to as Ninebark. A rough look is associated with it because of its foliage which is spiky. The foliage for Physocarpus Ninebark can be of different colors such as copper, deep purple and shades of green including dark, medium and forest green. The ideal height for Ninebark is up to 10 feet tall. They produce light green colored flowers in the spring season.




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