Flue Installation Basics Flue Installation Basics

The flue is an important part of any fireplace or stove venting system. It helps to release any gasses that may build up, vent the stove or fireplace properly outside, and can be a source of energy loss. Here are a few basic things you should know about installing your flue.

Flue Terminal

The terminal can easily be the most important aspect of the flue. It serves as a way to keep the system free of blockages. If the flue terminal is designed poorly, your flue will not work the way it should. Avoid placing it near other structures and use a properly sized mesh to protect from birds and other critters.

Single Skin vs Double Skin

A double skin flue has better insulation than single skin. The double also have a lower heat capacity. Still many people will choose the single skin installation instead. If you do this you need to make sure the joints are sound, there is plenty of the proper insulation, and that heat loss is minimized.

Other Factors
You will also want to take in account the amount of condensation that can build up and make sure there is a way to reduce this. Having elimination slots will help the air flow the way it should.

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to installing a flue, these are just a few of the basics.

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