Flue Lining Flue Lining

Flue lining is very important to all chimneys. If you have an older chimney you should inspect the flue lining as it might be time to install a new one. There are several hazards associated with having a bad lining which include the possibility of carbon monoxide entering your house. Rather than rebuild your chimney just install a flue lining.

  • Clean out the chimney and move any obstructions in the area. A probe is a great way to find obstructions as well as measure your chimney.
  • When choosing a chimney liner you want to choose the largest one that will fit inside.
  • The easiest way to install the chimney liner is from the top of the chimney.
  •  Screw the liner into place using the plates on the bottom of it.

Tips for Your Flue Liner Installation

  • When installing the flue liner be extra careful as you’re lowering it from the top so you don’t damage it.
  • It may be beneficial for you to add a mix of vermiculite and cement in between the flue liner and the chimney stone to insulate the chimney.

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