Fluorescent Garage Lighting: 3 Wiring Tips

When working on fluorescent garage lighting, whether it is replacing a defective ballast or installing a new fixture in your garage, you will need information about fluorescent fixture wiring. Here's what you need to know.

Tip 1 – Turn off Electrical Power

Never work on electrical wiring when the power is on. Even the most experienced technicians avoid taking chances that can injure or kill them. Always disconnect power to the garage lighting fixture you'll be working on. Unplug the fixture or turn off the proper switch in your circuit breaker box.

Tip 2 – Connecting Wires

In connecting fluorescent fixture wires with wires from your circuit breaker box, the red wire from the breaker box is connected to the fluorescent light fixture ballast. A second red wire comes out of this ballast and connects to a fixture tube holder. The black wire from the breaker box connects directly with the second tube holder. To connect these wires, you need to bare the wire ends about ½ inch at the end of the wire where it connects to the fixture.

Tip 3 – Fluorescent Wire Colors

Fluorescent wiring is almost always coded by wire sheathing color to guide you in connecting the right wires to the right connectors.