Foam Gutter Guards: Pros and Cons

As a homeowner, gutter guards are something that we rarely think about. Gutters are designed to allow water to drain easily off the side of the house. However, sometimes they can get clogged with leaves, acorns, or other debris. Therefore, gutter guards can fill a need that we have as homeowners. One type of gutter guard that is growing in popularity is the foam gutter guard. Here are a few pros and cons associated with foam gutter guards. 


  • Easy installation- Foam gutter guards are very easy to install. They sit down inside the gutter and take up space so that debris can not fit inside.
  • Effective- While they do not allow debris to get in the gutters, they still allow water to flow easily around them. With these in place, you should not have to get up on a ladder and clean the gutters anymore.


  • Cost- When you want to put foam gutter guards on in your gutters, you are going to be paying more than you would for many other types of gutter guards. 
  • Soft- Foam gutter guards are softer than other materials and therefore can be damaged under certain conditions.