Foam Pipe Insulation Installation

Insulated pipe.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-100

The installation of pipe insulation is made easy by purchasing pre-formed foam tubes. If the pipes are exposed (as opposed to embedded within walls, ceilings, or floors), the installation of the foam tubes is a simple procedure. Here are four basic tips that will help you to properly install foam insulation onto pipes.

Step 1 - Buy Foam

Purchase the foam insulation tubes in lengths that will result in minimum splices. Be sure to match the diameter of the pipes to be insulated with the inside diameter of the foam tube.

Foam pipe insulation is available in R values between 2 and 4. The higher R values provide more insulation, but are also more expensive.

Step 2 - Cut

Most foam tubes come with a pre-made slit along its length. If there is no slit on the tube, use a utility knife to cut through the tube's wall thickness along the entire length of the tube. If there is not an adhesive strip along the slit, you will want to seal most or all of the seam with duct tape once the tube is installed onto the pipe.

Step 3 - Apply Foam

When applying the foam insulation to a 90-degree elbow, cut the ends of two separate segments at a 45-degree angle and join them together with a miter connection.