Foam Weatherstripping Foam Weatherstripping

Installing foam weatherstripping can provide several benefits to a homeowner. Foam is one of the most popular materials used in weatherstripping. You can install it around the edge of doors or windows. It is designed to prevent airflow around the crack of the door or window. This has the effect of keeping your heat or cool air inside. This allows the furnace or air conditioner to run less and therefore will lower your utility bills.


Installing foam weatherstripping can be difficult to install. In order to properly install it, you have to measure it, and then cut it with some type of saw. In addition to that, you will have to stain or paint it to match the wood trim.

Once you have properly stained the foam weatherstripping you will need to put it in place. This can be done by nailing it into place with the proper size nail, or using a foam adhesive that will stick to wood.


When comparing foam weatherstripping to other types of materials, foam is going to be on the medium to low end of the price ranges.

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