Foil Tape vs. Flashing Tape

foil tape

Flashing tape and foil tape are both manufactured with a backing that is made from aluminum. They are both used in many different construction and plumbing applications as a means of repairing and sealing leaks, holes and cracks. The tapes differ in the how the aluminum backing is made and the situations in which the two types of tape are used.

Flashing Tape

This type of tape is made with an aluminum backing and a bitumen adhesive. Foil tape used in many plumbing and construction situations as a sealant on pipes, joints and gutter systems. It is available in a variety of different colors and ranges in width size from five to sixty centimeters. The rolls are tape are lightweight, easy to store and simple to dispense.

Foil Tape

This type of tape is made with a foil backing and an acrylic adhesive. The foam backing can also be made from copper or lead. This feature makes this tape an effective material in sealing thermal panels. Foil tape is typically used as a moisture, chemical and weather resistant sealant for duct systems made of sheet metal and duct board made from fiberglass. Foil tape easily conforms to the item being sealed in the application process.