Folding Desk Chairs: Maximize Your Home Office Space Folding Desk Chairs: Maximize Your Home Office Space

The advantage and flexibility of being able to work from home can be enhanced by using a folding desk chair. This is particularly true if your home office is a temporary space that also serves other purposes, such as a kitchen work area or laundry room.

Types of Folding Desk Chairs

Most times when we think of folding chairs, we think of the cold metal chairs that were brought out for school assemblies. Not so today, as folding chairs come in a variety of styles. They are made from metal, wood and plastic. Some have coaster wheels on the bottom for unrestricted movement and others with padded seating. You will be able to find a folding desk chair that meets your needs and sense of style.

Advantages of Folding Desk Chairs

Folding desk chairs help save space and maximize the use of a designated office area within the home. Any concern over the amount of space a regular office chair would take up is eliminated with a folding chair. The chair can be brought when needed and simply folded up and put into storage after use. The only space required is that to house the chair when not in use.

Choosing the Right Folding Desk Chair
Choosing a chair that is right for you depends on your office space and personal requirements. It would not seem advisable to use a folding chair if you suffer from chronic lower back problems since these chairs provide little by way of lumbar support. However, you may select a chair with a higher, straighter back and use a pillow or support device to address the issue.

Space is another consideration when choosing a chair. The amount space you have between the chair and the working surface or desk area will dictate which type of folding chair works best. A chair with a smaller seat may not be as comfortable as a longer one but may be a necessity due to space constraints. A padded chair with a shorter seat may be a better choice over a metal or wooden one, especially if you are going to be seated for long periods of time.

Pricing a Folding Desk Chair
The different styles and types of folding chairs that are available gives way to a wide variance in prices. A simple black metal chair with no padding can cost $5 to $10 when purchased from a local discount retailer or online. As you add more design and comfort features, the price goes up. A folding desk chair with coasters and a mesh backing runs about $250. This would be at the top of the price range for folding desk chairs.

It may be in your interest to go to a store that sells folding desk chairs, such as an office supply store and try a few chairs out. This will give you a sense of comfort and ensure that you choose the chair that is right for you and provides the space saving you need.

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