Folding Sawhorse Building: Quick Tips Folding Sawhorse Building: Quick Tips

Folding sawhorses are extremely useful, you can carry them to any job site and have a stable work platform in minutes. On top of that, they are easy and inexpensive to make !

Materials Needed

2x4s: (4) 36" L , (4)  48" L

24" of small loop chain

(4) heavy 3 1/2" door hinges


2 fender washers


Make two "H" shaped frames, using the 36" pieces joined together in the middle by the two 48" lengths. Use heavy screws to attach the pieces of 2x4 together.

Attach the remaining two 2x4s  to the top of each H frame. Screw the door hinges into the 48" lumber on both top ends. Do not use drywall screws for this, use good quality deck screws.

Stand the sawhorse up, and unfold the legs to the desired angle. Screw one side of the chain down to the top of the left hand leg frame, using the fender washers to hold the chain down. Repeat for the other side. Now, you should be able to fold the legs together to make a moveable sawhorse, or unfold it to have a sturdy work platform.

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