Following Proper Building Codes When Remodeling Your Bathroom

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A bathroom remodeling job can be a thankless task, particularly when you are trying to keep strict building codes. No matter how you dislike them, building codes are there for a reason; they have to be implemented and observed. So long as the building codes are taken into consideration, there is no reason why you should not be able to remodel your bathroom however you choose. In order to keep within bathroom codes, there are a few things that you should know.

Building Codes for Showers

When installing a shower, you are now obliged to install pressure balance or thermostatic mixing valves in order to ensure that people are not burned while using the shower. If you are not changing the shower valve, you can keep the old piece. Walls above showers must have a smooth, non-porous finish, such as laminate or acrylic. Shower walls must be 70-inches or more above the shower drain. All shower doors must open outwards.


Bathrooms must have at least 1 window which opens, or a mechanical ventilation system. Any ventilation mechanism must move air to the outside, rather than to another part of the house. Proper ventilation is now mandatory in order to prevent humidity and moisture, which can cause mold and wood rot.

Using Gypsum

If you are using gypsum board as a base for any tile or wall panelling, you are obliged by building codes to use gypsum water-resistant board in order to prevent water from seeping into internal structures. Do not use any kind of gypsum board in wet areas,. It encourages mold.

Using Paints

By far the cheapest way to remodel your bathroom without having to observe and building codes is by simply painting the room. It can create a very different feel to even the oldest of bathrooms. Replacing fixtures and fittings such as door handles and towel rails can also vastly improve the appearance of a room.

Lighting and Mirrors

Remodeling the lighting in the bathroom and installing mirrors can also have an enormous impact without involving any bathroom building codes. You can remodel mirrors to reflect a different style theme, and you can give your bathroom better lighting. These little things add up to great results.

Hire a Professional

If you are unsure about your ability to understand and comply with all of the building regulations that exist in your local area, then a better solution is to employ a professional renovator.