Food Dryer Vs. Oven Drying Food

Food dehydration is a convenient way to ensure you have an ongoing supply of your fruits and vegetables all year long. But when it comes to actually dehydarating or drying the food, which method is better: using a food dryer or an oven?

Advantages in Using an Oven

The bigest advantage in using an oven is that you do not have to overly spend. For no investment in special equipment, you can make dried food anytime you want. The key is you must have an oven that can maintain a termperature of under 200 Fahrenheit. Please note, however, that this method does result in some flavor loss.

Advantages in Using a Food Dryer

A food dryer may prove a better choice because it does such a good job of keeping the flavor in the food. In addition, it also ensures the maximum nutrition is stored in the dried fruits and vegetables. There are different styles of food dryers to choose from within a variety of price ranges; making the decisions to buy one pretty easy.

Which is the Best to Use?

The best method is a food dryer is a quick and easy method of drying food. It uses very little power and it maintains the exact temperature at all times resulting in the best flavor possible. Also, there are many food dryers available that aren't too pricey and could be a good investment.