Foot Friendly Cheap Outdoor Rugs Foot Friendly Cheap Outdoor Rugs

Cheap outdoor rugs can come in a variety of materials from synthetics like olefin to materials that are almost like Astroturf. The outdoor rugs that used to be popular especially on porches and decks that looked like grass but felt like plastic is still made today. It's still cheap, but it's not as pleasant to walk on or to touch as the new synthetic materials.

Olefin (Polypropylene)
Olefin is a synthetic material that's petroleum-based that's common for use in indoor/outdoor rugs and many different types of rugs and fabrics that are meant to be used chiefly outside. Many cheap outdoor rugs are made only of olefin because it's an inexpensive fabric to create and because it stands up to weather so well.

It's UV resistant so it won't fade, and it's colorfast so color won't run in the rain. Since it's synthetic, as long as it's kept clean of soil and organic materials, it won't mold. And it makes cheap outdoor rugs that are much more comfortable to walk on than older types of synthetics. Outdoor rugs made with olefin can also have rubber or another type of backing that grips to make it safer to walk on.

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