Footing Footing

Installing a footing is the most important part of a structure. The footing is placed below the frost lines and supports the structure. Any area that has just a concrete slab without having the proper footing underneath it shouldn't be built on. This is because the frost can sink under the slab and cause movement to the structure or crack the slab and make it uneven.

Installing Each Footing

Following these few steps will ensure that your footings are properly installed.

  • All of the footings should be 6 inches below the frost line at a minimum. This is important as frost can wreck havoc on your structure.
  • Next you will want to use a powered auger to dig your holes. You can use a manual digger for this; however the power auger will save you time and physical labor.
  • You will need the right consistency of concrete mix for this step. After obtaining it from the manufacturer's recommendation you can pour it into the holes and level it with a 2x4.
  • After the concrete starts to set, the pier blocks can be placed on top of each footing.  You should consider wetting the blocks down if it is very hot outside. This will prevent them from absorbing moisture from the drying concrete.

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