For Extra Security, Consider a Motorcycle Throttle Lock

When it comes to owning a motorcycle, one of the things that you should consider is to have a motorcycle throttle lock installed if it does not come with one. It is possible that you may also recognize a throttle lock as a cruise-mate for a motorcycle as well. If you are wondering why this is such a great security measure, you need to think about the wear and tear your hands and arms take when you are riding your bike.

After awhile the vibration can start to get uncomfortable and once you are done riding, you could find yourself having muscle spasms or just feeling the stress from holding on. By having this on your bike, you will be able to set the cruise and take some of the wear and tear off of your body. If you are finding that you are in pain when you get off of your bike you may not want to ride as much. It is also possible that you could end up having permanent damage and not be able to ride whether you still want to or not.

Eliminate Corrosion

To eliminate corrosion and rust you can use stainless steel and maybe even bronze. This will help to keep its original beauty. You want everything on your bike to look great.

Free from Dirt

You need to make sure that your lock is free from water and dirt at all times. This can cause your mechanism to malfunction which can be very dangerous when you are riding. By having it sealed you will find that it will not require maintenance or lubrication either.

Easy to Operate

Choose one that is easy to operate so even if you are wearing heavy gloves you will be able to operate it with the greatest of ease. You will want to have one that does not need to be engaged when it is not even needed.

Reduction of Strain

By making sure that your motorcycle comes with one or by making one and putting it on your motorcycle, you are going to reduce the strain on your wrists and on your hands as you are riding and even when your ride is over.

Choose for Custom Fit

Make sure that you get the one that fits your bike and the style. There are many different brands that you can choose from and it is important that you get the one that fits properly for your bike otherwise you could do more harm than good.

How to Use

Learn how to use the throttle and what to do in case of an emergency. This can be a great help if something were to happen while you are riding and help to prevent injury or a possible accident while you are on the road.

You are going to find that making sure your motorcycle has a cruise-mate is going to make your ride a lot more fun and also a lot safer for your health. There will be less stress on your hands and your wrists so therefore your ride is going to be a lot more enjoyable.