Ford Repair Manual: Cracked Rear Panel Repair

Having a Ford repair manual on hand when you have some problems with your vehicle is a great way to save money on a lot of repairs by doing it yourself. These manuals can be from the actual manufacturer themselves, or as an aftermarket purchase. The Ford repair manuals that are published by aftermarket companies are great as they are based on a complete tear down and rebuild. 

Cracked Rear Panel Repair

One of the more common problems with some Ford models, and especially with a Ford Explorer, are cracks that happen in the rear panel. When the air is cold, and there is a burst of moisture, or a quick temperature change, cracks can happen in the panel. Repairing this can be done by using some special body work tools and following the manual.

Removal of Exterior Parts

Before you repair your rear panel you must take off any bumpers, trim pieces, emblems, and other parts that will need to be put back on. 

Pry off Rear Panel

In some models you will need to pry open the skin of the Ford in order to get at the area where you can remove the panel. Some panels have rivets that hold it to the frame. Once you remove these then you will be able to replace it with a new panel.