Formica Countertops Formica Countertops

Formica countertops are countertops that are manufactured by the Formica Corporation. However, the name has now been adopted by popular culture to be used in a more generic manner.

Formica countertops: The brand
Formica is a brand of composite materials manufactured by Formica Corporation. This hundred year old company specializes in surfacing materials. Formica countertops refer to the corporation’s most recognized producta plastic laminate made from paper/fabric and melamine resin.

History of Formica countertops:
Formica was originally conceptualized as an electrical insulator and meant to replace mica. Formica is derived from ‘for mica’ and gained popularity as a decorative laminate after its engineering uses declined after World War II.

The laminate used in Formica countertops is made up of resin infused Kraft paper topped with a decorative layer, which is protected by melamine. The layers are cured with intense heat and pressure in order to construct a hard and durable surface.

Over the years, the company has endeavored to perfect its craft of manufacturing countertops and has developed a number of new products. Besides conventional single sheet plastic laminates, Formica countertops are now also made with metal and quartz. Another variation of the Formica countertop incorporates the use of wood veneers fabricated the same way as conventional laminates using wood in the mix.

formica countertops

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