Fountain Ideas For Your Asian Decor Fountain Ideas For Your Asian Decor

Asian garden decor involves more than just adding a few plants and a fountain. It involves paying great attention to detail while maintaining a simplistic approach. These two components play a pivotal role in the way you select and situate new decorations to an Asian garden.

An Asian-style garden focuses on serenity. While many backyard fountains are elaborate, a fountain for an Asian garden is simplistic in design and holds a little mystery.

Framing a View

An Asian-style garden contains an element of mystery. Meandering paths, with hanging plants that frame each section, entice you to further into the garden. A small, wooden fountain that blends into the scenery will help keep this framing alive.

Bamboo Fountains

A very large part of Asian culture is bamboo. The way that water trickles from one bamboo pole to another can have a mesmerizing effect on a person and will help them focus on the water instead of their problems. A bamboo fountain is also a perfect way to blend into the framework of the garden and offer glimpses instead of a complete picture.

Gazing Ponds

A gazing pond offers another way to add a fountain into your Asian-style garden. Small, serene and calming, the pond itself should have smooth corners instead of hard angles. The fountain should be low to the pool and trickle the water over smooth rocks or bamboo shoots.


You may add large Japanese goldfish (called Koi) to any Asian-themed fountain. These fish are very easy to take care of. The gentle trickling of water down a small waterfall does not disturb the Koi. Many people attribute Koi with helping lower stress, decreasing high blood pressure and even calming depression.

A Wall Fountain

You may also enhance your Asian garden with a small wall fountain installed near some plants and partially hidden from view. Look for wall fountains that have a low profile and are not too tall.

Surrounding Stones

When installing a fountain within your Asian decor, surround it with stones. Stonework is central to the overall Asian theme. Place large boulders first. Keep them proportionate to the surrounding area. 

Large, Open Pools

A fountain with a large, open pool at the bottom is also very important to Asian decor. You can use this pool for more plant life. Water lilies, thin-bladed grass, and even water vegetables can be important elements of your Asian garden. Look for a fountain that blends into the surroundings rather than draws your focus to itself.

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