Four Attractive Artificial House Plants Four Attractive Artificial House Plants

Artificial house plants have become very common in most households. There are various types of artificial house plants but not all of them are suitable for your home. Artificial house plants, a part form being attractive, are very easy to maintain, especially in today’s hectic timetables. As mentioned earlier there are different types of artificial house plants that range from a simple cactus to a palm tree. Obviously, the more you pay the more attractive and realistic the artificial plant will be. Here is an idea of what type of artificial plants are suitable for your home. 

1. Cacti

The most common type of artificial plant on the market is the cactus. A cactus is more likely to be found in small window ledges or in corners but they can also be used to decorate various areas, such as, a common room or a play room, etc. Cacti are available in enormous varieties and can grouped in arrangements of varying colors, heights and textures including flowering varieties such as the beavertail cactus. There is the saguaro which is perfect if you want a archetypal southwestern look such as you would find in old westerns.

2. Trees

Artificial trees are ideal for the more sophisticated rooms in your home, such as a living room. Artificial trees are ideal to be set in a well lit corner so that they can give a more natural look to that particular room. Again, just like a cactus, an artificial tree comes in various sizes, to accommodate your needs. Examples of small artificial trees are the ficus, the bonsai, which is a favorite for most people and the yucca. Small artificial trees, such as the bonsai, are used as table centers, to replace the traditional flower pot. Just set your imagination to work and you will find other appropriate places for artificial trees. As here we are dealing with home artificial plants, large artificial palm trees are probably not suitable unless you have a very large house.

3. Hanging baskets

Now artificial plants in hanging baskets can be used anywhere. Normally they are used to decorate the front porch but as I already said they can be used anywhere in the house. Hanging baskets can also be used to decorate the top of a wall unit. Since artificial plants don’t leave any leave residue you can use them on top of any type of furniture since they won’t mess up your room. There are various types of artificial plants in hanging baskets but the most common of all is the ivy. In addition ivy comes in various assortments such as cissus and begonia.    

    4. Flowering Plants

    If you wish to add some color to your interior, a long lasting flowering plant is one of the best solutions. There are many artificial flowering plants available, most popular of which is the African Violet, Orchids, Roses, to mention just a few.

    As you can see artificial house plants can be used in anyway you want so that you can make your room more attractive, plus you don’t have to be too fussy about maintaining them. 

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