Four Contemporary Custom Patio Designs

Are you ready to expand your outdoor living space? If you've decided upon building a custom patio, here are a number of ideas you can put to use.

Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic

Patio spaces can reflect contemporary, traditional, or rustic design elements. For best results, take your design cues from your home. A contemporary patio will not look good paired with a traditional Georgian home. The shape and lines of the patio must blend with the house for visual appeal.

Initial Considerations

Prior to beginning any project, check with your municipality regarding zoning, codes and compliance. You may need to apply for a permit for any extensive work, such as installation of an outdoor kitchen or pergola.

Next, carefully consider placement of your patio. You want the site to be fairly level, with a slight slope away from the house for proper drainage. If the patio slopes toward the house chances of future water damage are raised considerably. You also want to consider whether or not there is an outdoor garden (or other feature) that can connect to your patio.


For a more contemporary look, the following materials can be used:

  • Concrete-Poured directly on top of compacted gravel, mixing concrete with various colors creates the perfect shade for your patio.
  • Concrete Pavers-Set over concrete, these are the most durable and stable materials you can use for your patio.
  • Tiles-Available in many colors and textures, properly laid tile will look magnificent in your new patio.
  • Brick-Thought of as a more traditional look, brick can be arranged in a sleek pattern for a modern appearance.

Four Contemporary Designs

Use common design elements, such as repeating patterns, to maintain uniformity of the patio. Remember, the shape and lines of the patio should not only create visual appeal, but should be uniform with the surrounding house and yard.

Although there are no set patterns to a patio, there are certain characteristics that you can use when creating a contemporary look.

  • Squares, rectangles and hexagons are all great shapes to use for a contemporary look. Keep the lines straight and clean.
  • If you really want a curved pattern, try a kidney shaped patio. This is a more modern look and is relatively simple.
  • Covered patios are a wonderful option. These open areas have an overhead structure. Try using repeating patterns in the materials to tie design elements together. Use of a pergola always adds a lovely detail to any design. If you need further privacy, you can add surrounding walls.
  • Poolside patios are exactly what they sound like: a patio around your pool. This area is ripe for creating a relaxing, spa like space for you and your family. You may also want to add a hot tub to this area.

How you furnish and arrange your space will further complement your contemporary design. Use a focal point for your patio: a fire pit, potted plants, a water feature or an outdoor kitchen. Sleek furniture and lighting will accessorize your look. Once your patio is complete, you can begin to enjoy your extended outdoor living space.