Four Different Garage Door Styles Four Different Garage Door Styles

Many people think that all garage doors look the same, but in fact, there are various garage door styles available and designed for different purposes. In fact, you can select a style for your garage door from a wide variety of styles. Keep in mind that these styles do not differ only in color but also in the function of the garage door itself.

Before you choose and purchase a new garage door, make sure that you seek professional advice and learn any new information about the various styles. Always check and find the particular garage door that is most appropriate for your house. The elegant style of a garage door may give your house a much beautiful atmosphere.

1 – Rolling Garage Doors

This style is popular across the world, and it is perhaps the most popular garage door styles of them all. You are recommended to purchase a rolling garage door if you would like to spare some space in the garage. The door is pulled up onto an overhead drum that hangs from the edge of the garage’s ceiling.

You will save a lot of space because this rolling garage door can be used even for garages that are smaller than average in size. This door is appropriate for you if your garage lacks space after parking your car in it. Rolling garage doors are not heavy even though they may be made from aluminium.

2 – Sectional Garage Doors

The name of this garage door derives simply from the fact that the door is divided into a number of sections. Each one of the sections can open, and when elevated, all sections of the garage door are stored together in an overhead opening. You just need to slide this garage door, not pull it. A garage door of this kind is suitable if you have a driveway in front of the garage that is smaller than normal.

3 – Up-and-Over Garage Doors

Aside from the two garage door styles mentioned earlier, you can decide to buy this garage door if your garage has a lot of airspace inside, and you also need to have a driveway that is long enough. This is because up-and-over garage doors open up in an outward direction and then slide over in an overhead containment area.

You must be very careful if you decide to install this garage door style for your garage. Make sure that you keep your distance when you park the car in the driveway because if you park the car too close, you may hit its front with the garage door when you open it.

4 – Swing Hung Garage Doors

Like the up-and-over garage door above, this garage door style requires a lot of space and a long driveway as well. It opens in the same way as a double door. Most swing hung garage doors can be opened manually, but today, you can also find motorized versions of this style.

Garage doors of these styles can be made of any material, but the most common materials used are wood, plastic, aluminium and reinforced steel. The choice of the materials depends on the location of the garage as well as the weather. Most people prefer aluminium or steel rather than plastic or wood.

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