Four Different Ways To Construct Deck Enclosures

If you have an outside patio, deck enclosures may be necessary to provide or enhance privacy in this part of your home. You can construct deck enclosures in several different ways, some of them simple and others more complicated.

Screened-In Enclosures

Among the most complicated deck enclosures is the completely screened-in porch. To build this type, you install a cover or roof and place side screens as walls around the entire deck or porch.

You can construct screened deck enclosures with a kit, metal or PVC pipe framing, or wood-framed walls. Once you put the walls in place, place screens over the frames. In some cases, you can remove deck screens during cooler weather to open the patio area.

Fenced Decks

Another way to enclose a deck is to place a fence around it. You may choose to install fencing right up to the edge of the deck, or you can allow a small amount of space for a tiny lawn or planter area between the fence and the deck.

You can install fences made of wood lattice, cinder block bricks or even with metals like iron.

Hedge Enclosures

Plants like oleanders, boxwood and bougainvillea can be trained to comprise what is essentially a plant fence between the deck and the enclosure perimeter. You may enjoy using plants for deck enclosures because they can combine several different plants to create a bright and colorful fence that is attractive to anyone who looks at your deck area.

Some of these plants can provide both a screen and visual interest. However, bougainvillea or other thorny plants can also provide an extra layer of security for your deck and home.

Combination Deck Enclosures

Consider using a combination of methods to enclose their decks. For example, instead of having only a wood fence installed, you can have a hedge installed on one side with a bench between 2 large plants. This arrangement provides visual interest; it may also be helpful if you do not want to completely block the view from the deck.

Another option is to construct a deck enclosure out of a fencing material that allows for semi-privacy. Use a material such as an open lattice block or a combination of solid wood fencing and lattice work, with alternating panels. In this way, you can create privacy and, at the same time, enjoy a feeling of openness.