Four Forced Air Furnace Cleaning Tips

Keeping your forced air furnace clean is the best way to make sure it operates at peak efficiency. Cleaning of your forced air furnace should be done at least once a year before you really begin to need the heater. Below you will find a list of tips to use to follow when cleaning out your forced air furnace.

Vacuum Air Inlets First

The first step to cleaning your forced air furnace system is to use your vacuum to clean the air inlets inside the house that feed the furnace. If the grill can be removed, do so and vacuum inside as well.

Disconnect Power at Panel

Turn off your thermostat. Then go out to your breaker panel and turn off the power to the furnace to prevent inadvertent shocks.

Clean or Replace Filters

Every furnace has at least one filter at the main inlet at the furnace. This will be the dirtiest. If it can be cleaned, do so. Otherwise replace it. If the internal air return has a filter, either clean or replace it as appropriate.

Vacuum Furnace Internals

With the filter access panel removed, vacuum the inside of the air box completely.  Also vacuum the squirrel cage thoroughly.

Above you have been presented with four tips for cleaning your forced air furnace. Some furnaces will have cleaning instructions somewhere with more complete instructions for cleaning per manufacturer recommendations.