Four Garden Wall Fountain Designs Four Garden Wall Fountain Designs

A garden wall fountain will add a nice decorative element to any garden area. Fountains give a sense of serenity to outdoor spaces. There are many designs to choose from. Decide on a design that will work well with the rest of the landscaping scheme. 

Rock Wall Fountain

A rock wall fountain can be created when building the rock wall. Building a fountain is a relatively easy task for novice DIY enthusiasts. 

Hanging Wall Fountains

There are fountains that can be purchased and hung on a garden wall. Many attractive choices are available. 

Standing Wall Fountains

Some fountains are made to sit on the ground in front of a wall garden and catch water that comes down the side of the wall. Many options are available for these and styles range from plain to decorative. 

Tiered Wall Fountains

These are fountains with multiple levels. The upper level fills the middle level which, in turn, fills the next level. One design uses three different sizes of urns as a fountain. These make incredibly attractive choices for a wall garden. 

A garden fountain will add a water source for birds and small animals as well as providing a calming sound when people are relaxing or walking in the area.

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