Four Ideas for Suspended Ceiling Lighting

A purple light shade illuminated against a black background.

There are four main types of lighting you can install in a suspended ceiling. They suit different styles and settings, and it pays to know which ones. Otherwise, you could end up going into your next DIY ceiling project blind (bad lighting joke).

1. Track Lighting

Track lighting gives the room a contemporary look. Its very easy to install, and you can move it around the room until it hits just the right areas at just the right angles.

2. Recessed Lighting

Unlike track and pendant lights, recessed lighting, as the name implies, doesnt hang down from the ceiling. This can be a big advantage, considering that most residential suspended ceilings are in places that dont have a lot of headroom to begin with, such as basements. Whats more, recessed lighting comes in so many sizes and varieties that youre sure to find some that works in your suspended ceiling.

3. Ceiling Fans

The benefit of a ceiling fan over any other type of lighting is obviously that, being a fan, it can cool the room and light it at the same time. The drawbacks are that, being heavy, the fan may need an extra-strong suspended-ceiling frame, and, even if it can be supported without a problem, it reduces the headroom even more than the suspended ceiling itself. If low enough, it could even be a safety hazard. Check your local building code.

4. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are great for lighting up a specific area such as a kitchen island, desk, or dining table. Your options extend not only to the kind and placement of the lights but to their number as well.

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