Four Style Ideas for Bungalow Floor Plans

When you are designing bungalow floor plans, you should be aware of the styles and varieties that are available to bungalow home owners. Bungalows have been around for many years, and naturally there are a range of different styles of bungalow floor plans, ranging from the very simple bungalow to a much more complex design which includes access to an upper floor. However you are designing your bungalow floor plans, it is a good idea to have an understanding of the different styles, as they can provide useful guidelines for creating your own bungalow plans.

The Ranch Bungalow

In this style of bungalow floor plan, the rooms are divided so that there are bedrooms on one side of the house, and then public and guest areas on the other. The garage would also be attached to the bungalow on the public side. In some bungalow floor plans, the public areas (such as the kitchen and living room) would be placed at the front of the house, and the private rooms (bedrooms, bathroom) are placed in the back. The Ranch bungalow style is often a small bungalow, with one or two bedrooms at most. Ranch bungalows are typically bought by older couples, as they have less steps and space to travel between rooms: disabled bungalows are also built along the style of ranch bungalow floor plans.

Raised Bungalow

With this variety of bungalow, the basement or cellar is partially out of the ground, and the front door is reached via steps or a walkway. The basement is raised to allow natural light to enter the basement through an above-ground window. The raised bungalow has a typical floor plan which includes a foyer, which leads to rooms on a first floor, and has the garage aligned to the basement. This style of living allows the homeowners to have additional room, which a Ranch bungalow floor plan would not have allowed them, and in addition they have a basement which can be converted into another bedroom, or into a games or home theater room. The rooms may be larger than that seen in a Ranch bungalow, and there are typically more steps in the raised bungalow than in the Ranch-style.

Chalet Bungalow

Typically seen in the United Kingdom, the chalet bungalow features a home which includes a loft on the second floor. This loft provides additional space in the bungalow, although the main living areas are still concentrated on the first floor. The California bungalow is a variation on this style, and has a half-storey on the second floor. This can be converted into another bedroom, making it an ideal bungalow floor plan for young couples with children, or disabled people with able-bodied children or partners.

As well as these basic styles of bungalow floor plans, you can design bungalows to include arts-and-crafts movement style features, which typically have a gabled room, overhanging eaves, and a front porch extension area, which can be used for additional seating during summer months. Some different styles of arts and crafts bungalows have the gables pointing into the street.