4 Stylish Shower Rods for Your Bathroom

shower curtain rod

Sometimes the hardest part of changing your shower rod is knowing which to choose. Below is a list of popular styles that will help you decide.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

A popular option is the curved shower curtain rod, which is available in both round and flat-bar designs. They are also available with adjustable arch. Rods with an adjustable arch are designed without moving parts, which prevents rust from forming.

Rotating Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Another possibility is the rotating curved shower curtain rod. This system adds elbow room in the shower. They can also be rotated to hang the curtain completely inside the tub, saving precious bathroom space when not in use.

Oval Shower Curtain Ring

If you want your rod to match the shape of your bath, consider an oval shower curtain ring. It will encircle the entire tub.

L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod

Some people don't want a full oval shape. They prefer an L-shaped shower curtain rod. These curtain rods round the corner without completely encircling the tub.